West Atlantic Seafood is a fishing company that catches exclusive seafood products. Our main objective is to fish in a responsible way, supporting species and the marine ecosystem.

Our Customers

The ultimate goal of West Atlantic Seafood is to provide our customers with exclusive and top quality products, taking special care of every single step of the process: catching, selecting, handling and transport. Our greatest honour is the enormous satisfaction of associates.


West Atlantic Seafood belongs to a group of privately held companies operating in various sectors worldwide. The purpose of all of them, WAS included,  is to endure over time, increasing our line of business, resources and workers, as well as the number of clients.


Marine Species Study

The Environmental Department of West Atlantic Seafood is responsible for conducting surveys of the species it markets. Once completed, we draw up a feasibility and sustainability plan to ensure long-term capture, guaranteeing the care for the species and the ecosystem where they live.